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120/70ZR17 (58W) AV65 Storm 3D X-M/F


Sport Touring-Reifen mit ausgewogen guter Leistung.

Sport Touring-Reifen mit ausgewogen guter Leistung.

Manufacturer AVON
EAN13 029142753100
Reifenbauart Radial
Load index 58
Speed index (W) (├╝ber 270 km/h)
Profile AV65 Storm 3D X-M Front
Mount Front tire
Segment Sport-Touring
Application area Sport-Touring

  • High silica content in the compound, combined with advanced polymer technology for outstanding wet and dry traction and handling
  • Hidden interlocking three-dimensional points in the sipes improve stability and grip, reduce tread flexing and allow the tire to warm up quickly (3D sipes)
  • Avon's latest design for excellent driving and stability
  • Multi-compound rear tires for best all-round performance (TE)