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Often asked questions

If your question is not listed below or the provided answer did not help you, please take contact.

How do I pay for my order?

On you always buy a product together with a service from a Swiss workshop. You pay the entire amount only after the service is completed to your satisfaction and in agreement with the work shop.  The payment method is defined by your selecetd workshop.

What shall I do, if I can't bring my vehicle to the agreed appointment?

Please take contact with your selected workshop by phone (number provided in the order confirmation) to agree on a later date. Please chech the details in our general conditions.

What happens if I selected a wrong product?

In case you made a mistake in your selection of a product or service, you will not cause any problems and there will be no consequences. The workshop will verify your product selection and provide you competent support to assure that you will have a qualified service. However, the duration of your appointment might in such case be extended.

What happens, if I have selected a wrong service at a workshop?

Your configuration will be verified by the workshop, when you bring your vehicle to the appointment. The workshop will give you competent advice, as you know from non-digital bookings. This way we can gurantee customer satisfaction.

Why are prices and services different, when I change between workshops?

The prices for the products are always same. The prices of services are different, because they are defined by each workshop individually. Each workshop has the possibility to adjust his offers and his availability to match his possibilities. You can easily change between workshops to find the best fitting option for your needs.