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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of hostettler autotechnik ag for customers of the platform

1. Service Description - Abbreviated Version

The online platform is operated by hostettler autotechnik ag and has set itself the task of realising the leading digital workshop for the car, motorcycle and bicycle industries in Switzerland. Only replacement parts, accessories and tyres will be offered, in combination with a service at a registered workshop, at fair prices.  only delivers products to workshops using ‘just in time’ delivery. These workshops will carry out the professional service and will take care of encashment at the conditions offered, either after the service has been provided or in consultation with the customer.


2. Contractual Partners, Provision of Services, and Prices

The contractual partners of are the customers and the regional workshop selected by the customer. In doing so, the general terms and conditions of the workshop which renders the service apply, in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. The prices of the products and services published online are in Swiss Francs, and include quality/product guarantee and VAT. The workshop costs for installation and service works, as well as for additional individual services, are transparently identified on The prices as published at the time of the order placement are fixed and binding for roadworthy and maintained vehicles - adjustments to prices are, however, possible at any time. If the wrong vehicle specifications have been chosen by the customer, if incorrect information has been provided, or if the vehicle is in a poor state, the workshop may withdraw from the offer without consequences upon seeing the vehicle at the time of the workshop appointment. In such a case, no contractual relationship is considered to have arisen between either party. Should, within the scope of an analysis or during the work on the vehicle, a need for additional repairs be discovered, the customer will be notified of these works by the workshop, and compensation shall be organised through direct consultation between the customer and the workshop, without any involvement on the part of resp. hostettler autotechnik ag.


3. Products and Liability  explicitly offers only flawless branded products which are described in detail. The depictions of the products on are as accurate as possible, and available from the manufacturers. There is a comprehensive guarantee of quality for any product defects. Excluded from this liability are damages caused by negligence, which were caused by the customer due to lack of care. Should an error have mistakenly arisen in the choice of product when configuring the service booked online, the delivered product can be returned by the workshop free of charge, and the offer provided by will be cancelled without further claim on the part of the customer. The workshop will provide for the exchange with a suitable product within a short period of time and will offer the replacement product to the customer at workshop rates. The customer is responsible for accepting or rejecting the corresponding offer. Excluded from the right of return are prefabricated parts such as complete wheels, except where the customer can prove that the error in the configuration process occurred on the part of


4. Availability / Appointments / Collection Deadline

Despite the best organisation, it is possible that a product cannot be delivered in time, or that the workshop appointment cannot be kept. In such cases, the partner businesses of are obligated to contact the customer as soon as possible, and to agree upon a suitable new appointment. The customer is obligated to supply the vehicle on the day of the workshop appointment at the agreed time, and to collect it again within the opening hours. Deviations from the workshop appointment as booked on are only permitted after direct consultation with the workshop and with their agreement, whereby the products made available for the order by resp. hostettler autotechnik ag ag must be used. Where the appointment is not kept, the offer is lapsed and retains the right to ban the customer.


5. Terms of Payment

For each workshop appointment, creates a detailed order confirmation with all reserved parts and services of the workshop. The prices displayed therein are binding for the customer and the workshop, insofar as there is no obvious error in the listing, that no incorrect information was provided, or that the car is not in a poor state. Encashment will be carried out by the workshop after the provision of sound and satisfactory service, or in consultation with the customer. In doing so, the workshop determines the terms of payment, and the receipt from the workshop is valid as a basis for the product and service warranty.


6. Data Protection

The data privacy statement from is an integral and binding part of these T&Cs, and is available online at If the customer accepts the existing T&Cs, they simultaneously agree to the use of their data in accordance with the data privacy statement of


7. Force Majeure  and their partner workshops are not liable for unforeseeable events, which lead to the delay or the prevention of the fulfilment of the agreed service provision, and which can be traced back to a case of force majeure (weather, strikes, other external influences, or influences independent of will which can influence the distribution and provision of services). In addition,  ag excludes all liability for any shortages connected to Internet-related errors.


8. Applicable Law

The specifications of the Swiss Code of Obligations shall apply, as well as the T&Cs of the respective garages whose services are mediated via and for those garage works necessary for the installation of products delivered by resp. hostettler autotechnik ag onto the vehicle.


9. Information

Our partner workshops as well as are happy to help with any customer issues you may have at hc.sleehwruoy@ofni or 041 926 62 22.