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Here you can choose your car tire via car selection or directly in Car tire tool.


Stay mobile with yourwheels

If your car needs a tyre change, a service, or a check-up before a trip abroad, you’re in the right place. With yourwheels, you can book your desired products with the suitable services, your workshop, and your desired appointment simply and conveniently online, 24 hours a day.

Book products, services and a workshop appointment in just four steps

In the first step, you select the desired product or a service. You can select your car via the comprehensive vehicle master database, or choose the appropriate tyre or service directly. In doing so, you are provided with optimal support during the search, and can quickly find a suitable offer.

Qualified Swiss workshops carry out the repairs in your area! In the second step, you select your trusted workshop and can view the prices for the product and the work transparently. Every workshop offers unique additional services at attractive prices, which you can individually add to the offer. In addition, many workshops offer replacement vehicles for the length of the repair works at attractive rates.

In the third step, you select your most suitable workshop appointment online. You can see all available appointments for the selected workshop for the necessary works, and the availability of a potential replacement vehicle is also taken into consideration. There are no additional charges to be paid, the transport of goods to the workshop is included in the price.

In the fourth step, we require your personal information for the final reservation of your order. You can choose if you would like to sign up for an account with yourwheels, where your selected vehicles and the orders are saved, or if you would like to shop using a guest account without your data being saved. You will receive a confirmation of your order by email upon completing the booking.

Service and Payment

You will receive an appointment reminder one day before your workshop appointment. Should you be unable to keep to your appointment, we request that you notify the selected workshop directly by telephone. Otherwise, bring your car to the workshop as planned, where they will carry out the service competently and act as your direct contact partner for any detailed questions.

The payment of the entire service package will only be carried out after completion of the professional service provision and in consultation with the workshop. Should further services be required upon inspection of your vehicle by the workshop, these will be carried out in accordance with the terms of the workshop.

We are always looking to improve. After the completed provision of services, yourwheels will send you a message in order to assess the quality of the service provided. We would appreciate it if you were to rate the services furnished by yourwheels and to give us feedback.