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How much does a wheel change cost?

Here you will find all information about what is done when changing a wheel or what the price of changing a wheel is.

How much does a wheel change cost?

A wheel change for four wheels on costs on average CHF 49.50.
Depending on the region, the price for a bike change may vary. If you want to balance the wheels additionally, there are additional costs.
On you can book a wheel change online at your desired workshop. You can compare the prices of a wheel change directly on as soon as you have selected the service.

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What is done when changing a wheel?

When changing a wheel, the complete wheel (rim and tire) is changed between the summer and winter wheels. The bikes are usually changed twice a year (spring and autumn). In addition, when changing wheels, the rims and tires are checked for defects and damage.

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What is the difference between changing a wheel and changing a tire?

When changing a wheel, the complete wheel is changed. This service is usually carried out seasonally, i.e. twice a year. When changing the tire, the tire is pulled off the rim and then another tire is put on the same rim again. Special tire changers and trained specialists are required to change tires. We recommend that the tires are changed only by specialists.

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How can I change a wheel myself?

If you want to change the wheels yourself, you can of course save money. But there are a few important things to point out. The jack should be on a firm, level surface. The wheel nuts should be loosened before putting them on. If the wheels are stored themselves, they should be marked. For example HR for rear-right. After installing the wheels, the wheel nuts must be tightened again correctly. Please note that security is not fully guaranteed without specialist knowledge. When changing a wheel in the workshop, a professional visual inspection is carried out. If necessary, the wheels are also balanced.

We recommend in any case that the wheel change be carried out by a specialist. You can book a wheels change online.